WC 1970-2022 - Panini Football Collection

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Since 1970, the collection of Panini sticker albums has accompanied every FIFA World Cup™ tournamets, which takes place every four years. The collection is not only a practical guide to the final phase of the tournament, but also provides a valuable visual archive of all the teams and of their matches.

Through the faces of its protagonists, the book tells the story from FIFA World Cup Mexico 1970™ to Qatar 2022™, played for the first time in winter. Famous and less famous champions, loved and less loved, who shared the desire to raise the most coveted football award from all nations to the sky.

990 pages of stickers, stadiums, scores, formations, rankings, summary tables and results that have made the history of the World Cup.

For lovers of statistics and curiosities, the albums - always published before the competitions and shown in their original format - are completed by graphs and tables of the results of the final phase of the tournament and, starting from South Africa 2010™, by an insert with stickers of substitutions.

Each album and insert is available in 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch and Italian.

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